Benefits of Studying leadership

This is a reflective report of my views on leadership and its importance. It also discusses a relation between leadership and management and the benefits of studying leadership.


“Managers are people who do things right, Leaders are people of do the right thing.” (Bennis & Nannus 1985: 21). According to Mills, leadership is the ability of a man to encourage and energize towards a particular goal (Mills 2005).


During my study in Coventry University London campus, I have realized the importance of studying leadership in accordance with the rapidly changing world. It allows a manager to apply theories and models for effective leadership and motivate his team members to be more productive. For example, Maslow’s hierarchy of needs or Herzberg’s two-factor theory can improve the potential in a manager to motivate his employees. The modules have also helped me grasp about which various people in the business world and also, various students at the campus use different leadership styles during a group work or presentation.


I got a chance to apply theoretical models of leadership into real practice when I participated in the Synergy Event as one of the Managing Directors. I followed Transformational Leadership style, having inspired by Sir Richard Branson’ revolution in entrepreneurship of being an enthusiastic and extremely charismatic leader. Transformational Leadership occurs when two or more people engage with others in a way the leaders and team members get a chance to complement each other with higher levels of motivation and morality (Bolden et al 2003). Maslow’s hierarchy of needs also helped me to seek a clear view of the things that could motivate my team members so that I can get the best results out of them.


The transformational leadership style allowed me to motivate my team members, and direct them towards my vision for our company. I always maintained my charisma as a leader by acknowledging the admiration of my followers. I even articulated a clear vision for the company and was successful in pursuing the team members to work for it. I was always optimistic about our success and this co-ordination amongst the team under my leadership led to the win over the Synergy Event by our team – Axis Of Ignorance.


The relation between management and leadership is that managers will understand the work environment better by studying leadership. The study of leadership also allows the manager to use his experiences of the past in making current decisions in variant situations. Leadership and Management go hand in hand and both skills are necessary for a person to have in order to take an organisation to heights.


My personal expectations from this module were to learn about different leadership theories and about different leaders of an industry. But it was all about personal development and taught us to apply those theories into practice. I learned that a leader must have good presentation skills, verbal and interpersonal communication skills. I personally possess all the qualities but they still need to be improved as per the feedback given by the tutor during the JC Penney case study presentation.


To conclude, I would like to say that this module has helped me realize that I currently am able to lead others but there is still a lot to improve like verbal and interpersonal communication. Constant feedback from the tutor and peers also was a crucial part of the module in order to identify the areas I was lacking in. It also emphasizes on the changing trends and changing organisational cultures and lets us learn about the adaptation process. Studying leadership is a must for any manager in the global business.





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